About you   


Whether it is for the first time or not, meeting with an executive coach is a curious and exciting moment for most clients. It is a respectful acquaintance, where we focus on your thoughts and vision, points of action, and my reflection of you.


The coach and coachee relation rest upon three Cs: Chemistry, Competence and Confidence. You have to sense all three, and I will openly discuss this with you. Being two professionals, we have to be prepared to open all doors of trust as we move ahead to assure that you obtain the development and results you want.


Unlock Executive Coaching and The Unlocking System is something for you who has a quite clear picture of yourself, yet you need help to define the pieces that keep bouncing back in various situations. They are the ones limiting you from being iconic.


In The Unlocking System, “iconic” means “distinctive excellence”. My goal is to make you powerful, conscious and focused.


You are ready to engage with me if:


• You are a top performer, senior executive or super-entrepreneur

• You want to rise to a new level mentally

• You expect excellence from yourself and your investments

• You are a seeker always looking for something new and exciting

• You have had coaches before but want a more substantial ROI

I am here when you are ready.