Unlock Executive
Coaching Program

The Unlock Executive Coaching Program will change you!


The Unlock Executive Coaching Program sets you in a new perspective of yourself, your success and your challenges. Unlike other coach programs, The Unlock Executive Coaching Program drills to the core and stays there. The program is based on 20 years of coaching expertise, development of leaders and high performers. Like all professions, coaches have their own character and methods. With me, you will experience a transparent and forward driven process, with a bold and energizing approach. 


Just like Unlock Executive Coaching AB:s business values, the coach and coachee relation rests upon the three Cs: Competence, Confidence and Chemistry.  The goal is to create a seamless and trusted partnership, where you feel 100% in focus.


What is coaching?


Coaching is the most Powerful method for Change and Engagement. The coaching technique is extensively practiced all over the world in all areas of development and high performance.


Coaching means that You will define and generate your way forward, and take control over Your goals, life, wishes and ambitions. At Unlock Ececutive coaching the the method is called Catalyzing Coaching, with a clear objective to move you forward.


What can I expect from engaging in the program?


Engaging with the Unlock Executive Coaching Program, means that you will set your overall goal and strategies to identify what you want and need to be satisfied in your career, health, relations and visions. Also how to overcome fears, challenges and threats crossing your path. The program helps you defining Your direction and ways of action. The Unlock Executive Coaching Program ensures that you stay on the level of high performance where you belong.

To maximize expectations and results all coorporations are customized for each client. The program starts  with two meeting to set the platform.


Program duration: 6-36 months.

Christina is a certified coach through International Coaching Federation with 30 000 members in over 100 countries. She has undertaken extensive education and mentoring over the years, and has thousands of coaching hours behind her. During 2022 she is validated for the highest coaching certification Master Certified Coach (MCC). 

For more information and booking please contact:


+46 8 546 017 03