Unlock Leadership
Training and Development

What makes The Unlock Leadership Training and Development Program different from others?


Whether you want to improve, renew, change or grow your leadership or self management skills, the Unlocking Leadership Training and Development  Program will give you the tools and knowledge to reach your desired goal.


Where most leadership programs take place in sessions, the Unlock Leadership Training and Development Program takes place mainly on-site where real situations get real coaching. Having a coach discretely by your side to work with you in action, is extremely powerful and effective.

What is it like to be coached on-site?

The Unlock Leadership and Training and Development Program​ is based on coaching, counselling and mentorship. Compared with the Unlocking Executive Coaching Program, the main focus is hands-on development and practical training. You will be guided and trained in various situations and tools, where on-site coaching on a regular basis is necessary. Christina will participate in your business day when agreed to maximize the outcome and your success. You will feel supported and empowered, knowing that Christina is nearby. Some clients prefer having Christina openly participating; others a more discret approach. To ensure 100% comfortability, a clear agreement is set in all situations.

How do I get started?

The program starts with two meetings to set the platform and plan for the partnership. Testing and insight coaching is included. 

Program duration: 8-12 months.


Christina has held managerial positions in Sweden and abroad in multinational corporations with big-scale diversity and extensive managerial and organizational challenges. She has experienced most pros and cons, victories and challenges, and has many years of experience coaching executives and C-level managers. 

For more information and booking please contact:


+46 8 546 017 03