• Chiristina Lock

“It’s not all about being the best you know. Maybe you should just take it easy."

“Yeah. Right….”

In the mind of the high performer, good enough doesn’t exist. High performers drive - and seek - excellence. All.The.Time.

If you get provoked when hit by the comment, you are in the field of the high performer character. And the person throwing that instruction at you, is about to enter the black book. It’s nothing personal. Just a high performer’s exceptional strong drive for achievements.

So what is a High Performer?

Most of us know when we meet one. They seem to always be updated, sharp and ahead. And extremely successful.

I have been working with high performers for many years. All hierarchical positions, nationalities, ages and faith, from international corporations to upcoming businesses. What I know is that being a high performer is a mindset. It can be trained.

What would you achieve if you decided to adopt the mindset of a high performer? Or if you indentify yourself being one, what is your next high?

Your coach,






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