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What I've learned being the daughter of an officer?

⭐️ What I’ve learned being the daughter of an officer?

1) Always respect people. You don’t have to love everyone. But be respectful. 2) If a soldier can build a shelter out of nothing, so can you. Solve the problem. 3) Humor is a life necessity. Keep it safe.

Growing up, I was introduced to all different kinds of military knick-knacks. In case of war or if I just needed some light. “Learn this. You never know.“

At a young age, I could get seriously tired of it. The never-ending “you never know”. Almost 45 years of it. But as I got older, I realized how genius it was.

Living by the mentality “you never know” doesn’t mean that you are constantly concerned or excessive. It means that you are Prepared. Ready. Alert.

I once asked my dad to give me three words on his 40 years of leadership. He replied “determination, structure and heart.”

Leadership is not difficult. But you need to get it right.

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