Self-Leadership Program

What is Self Leadership?

If you want to learn and master life with less stress, more harmony and control over your time and energy, then the Unlock Self-Leadership Program is something for you.

I know what I need to change - why is it so difficult?

We know that all changes need to be triggered by activators. And they need to be strong enough to push us in a new direction.


Through powerful exercises and mapping your spots of challenges, in the Unlock Self-Leadership Program we will get to the core with what you need to adjust and change. We will also analyze your environment and context, to create a powerful plan of what is needed to take action upon. We know that handling stressful situations has to do with self-development, choices and discipline in one's life and mindset. Still the circumstances in which we operate and exist, mostly need some complimentary adjustments.

What results can I expect from the program?

When finishing the program, you will have new insights and be on clear road towards a more balanced and satisfied you. Through the Unlock Self Leadership Program you will find new keys to manage your life and decisions.

Program duration: 6-12 months.


For more information and booking please contact:


+46 8 546 017 03